Listen to the Prologue from Gears of Uriel

Thorstruck Press asked me to narrate the prologue from Gears of Uriel. It’s available to listen to on their site, or you can listen to it here!

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Latest developments

I recently had the privilege of doing an author’s interview with the site Beauty in Ruins. It was a fantastic experience and a great place to find science fiction, fantasy and horror!

The interview is here: Interview

I also have a new Facebook banner from Thorstruck Press. I love it!


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I’ve Signed a Publishing Contract with Thorstruck Press!

Well, after having published two novels on Amazon, I have finally signed with Thorstruck Press!


Ten years ago, going through a traditional publisher was the only way to get published. But in the Information age, first music went digital and then books.One must adapt or fall hopelessly behind. There have been casualties along the way; Border Books went under and there are signs that Barnes and Noble has been struggling a bit as of late. The large publishers have had to become more nimble; the old days of a book taking 1-2 years to get published don’t work so well these days.

For me, Thorstruck Press was a good choice. They understand what publishing has become, a hybrid of titles people want on both their ebook readers and their bookshelves. Gears of Uriel CoverAnd so, my next book, Gears of Uriel, will be published soon by Thorstruck.


It’s the first of a trilogy. The next one is called Tyrian and its already 30,000 words along. The future looks exciting!

Link to my author website:


Link to my author page on Thorstruck Press.

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